Chamba Motor Sport Club

Chamba Motorsport, our latest venture in motorsports, merges the thrill of racing with exploration in remote destinations to foster growth and advancement. Previously, our events were organized under the banner of Brownbear Motorsport, a subsidiary of the Chamba Motorsport entity.
  • Rally of Chamba 2k24

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    Chamba Motorsport, an initiative from the town of Chamba a district in Himachal Pradesh. The local administration of Chamba (DC, SDM) is taking a very keen interest in making this initiative worthwhile.

  • Uncapping the Thrill of Himalaya

  • Discover your Limits


The event named “Rally of Chamba 2021” held on 9th to 11th April 2021, kick-started the tourist extravaganza which has been named “Chalo Chamba” or "Let’s go to Chamba". Which will be a yearly fest organized by Government of Himachal Pradesh. We successfully conducted this event under the supervision of Chamba Administration.
After the success of the Auto & Moto Extreme Rally of Chamba , The TSD Rally was an amalgamation of 2 rallies - the INRRC & the TSD Rally of Chamba.
It was second extreme rally Hero Rally Of Chamba 2022 for auto & moto both under CHALO CHAMBA campaign to boost tourism of Chamba Himachal Pradesh.

Hero Rally of Chamba 2022

EXTREME (4W)        Extreme (Moto)         TSD Adventure

Overall Winners Motto (2W)

  • 1st Nitish Bharajdwaj (HP)
  • 2nd Happy Verma (HP)
  • 3rd Mohit Thakur (HP)
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Overall Winners Adventure

  • 1st Driver- Kushagra Aggarwal
  • Navigator - T. Nagarajal
  • 2nd Driver- Shantanu Grover
  • Navigator- Raja Singh
  • 3rd Driver- Jit Mitra
  • Navigator- Prasonjit Roy
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Overall Winners Extreme (4W)

  • 1st Driver- Vishal Kataria
  • Navigator - Sahid Salman
  • 2nd Driver- Abhishek Mishra
  • Navigator- PVS Murthi
  • 3rd Driver- Chirag Thakur
  • Navigator- Rahul Singh
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