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    Chamba Motorsport, an initiative from the town of Chamba a district in Himachal Pradesh. The local administration of Chamba (DC, SDM) is taking a very keen interest in making this initiative worthwhile.

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Sport event plays an important role as an Economic & Financial stabiliser. We are committed to making a positive contribution to the economies

Upcoming Events



Rally Of Valley Adventure -2023
The Rally of Valley event sounds like an exciting and challenging adventure for participants and spectators alike! Covering a distance of approximately 1050km, passing through the treacherous roads of Chamba district and Jammu state. Starting From Chamba and ending in Srinagar, the event will take participants through some of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes in India.

Previous Events

RALLY OF CHAMBA (9th - 11th April, 2021)
This was the first event under the Chalo Chamba Campaign. Brownbear Motorsport organised its first rally, coined as Auto & Moto Extreme Rally of Chamba . This is a stage rally which has 2 elements - Competition & Transport.
TSD Rally of Chamba (1st - 4th October, 2021)
After the 1st successful event of BBM, the TSD Rally of Chamba is the second motorsport event of Brown bear motorsport. The rally was organized at a higher altitude & passed through the Sach Pass at the height of 14,500ft, thus earning the title of the HIGHEST TSD RALLY OF THE COUNTRY, including the tribal areas of Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh. The region is untouched, virgin & unexplored. These factors made the event more extreme, adventurous, scenic, challenging.

1st Rally of Chamba Extreme

(9th to 11th April,2021)

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