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About the Society

Established in 2021, Chamba Motorsport, is a new initiative in motorsports combining racing with remote locations for their growth & development . We are based in the town of Chamba in District Chamba of Himachal Pradesh, India . Earlier we have been conducting events under the name Brownbear Motorsport, which is another company within the Chamba Motorsport family.

The society “Chamba motorsport” has been registered under HP Societies Registration Act 2006 and is closely being supervised by the administration for better transparency.

Chamba Motorsport is proud to be associated with FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Club of India).


Rally Of Chamba 2023,

The events, which are conducted by Chamba Motor Sport Club, primarily focus on increasing tourism and economic development in the Rural/Backward areas & untouched valleys of Himachal Pradesh. We are working towards this goal by conducting breath -taking and adventurous events in the beautiful, unexplored & untouched valleys.

We are promoting motor sports at the grassroots level & to raise the standard of Indian motor sports to International levels and doing this with a purpose & cause.
We are also committed to making a positive contribution to the economies of individuals that are in touch with us as a part of community development.


Tourism & Economic Growth

We organise our events in the tribal, remote, untouched & backward areas to boost tourism of those areas which will result in the economic growth of the area and eventually growth of our nation.

Environment Growth

We need to be a part of the solution in solving the climate crisis. Tackling the environmental challenges our planet is facing is a priority for us all. This is why Brown Bear MotorSport Society has started organising Plantation Drives with administration & locals to fight the climatic change .Our team is committed to leading positive change on environmental issues.

Awareness Drives for Sanitation & Cleanliness 

During the event and before the event our team distributed hygiene & sanitation products to the locals.

Growth & Development 

Our Motorsport event not only brings thousands of fans together but also is a place of work for employees and local volunteers . With the global pandemic significantly impacting not only on public health but also finances, Our Motor Sport event plays an important role as an Economic & Financial stabiliser. We are committed to making a positive contribution to the economies.

Our Organisers

Diwakar Kalia is veteran RACER of motorsport since 2010 and bagged many of awards, has organised a successful motorsport event named RALLY OF CHAMBA and bought lot of tourism to the region. RALY OF CHAMBA was an exciting event for motorsport enthusiasts and has helped showcase the beauty of the CHAMBA region to the people all over the country.

DIWAKAR KALIA President, Chamba Motor Sport Club

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